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Voice & Data Communications Engineering

Offshoring/Outsourcing has become the norm of the day for cost efficient operations and for moving non-core functions of many a companies. But when it comes to companies specializing in high technology products and solutions, it is not just about cost efficiency and more importantly the R&D functions are very much such companies' core functions.

We, at Vodca Labs understand that for technology companies, Off-shoring R&D can be successful only if such operations can become a seamless extension of their own in house R&D. Such seamless extension can be provided only by a Company whose key people have the experience in having worked in similar environment and absorbed the culture and who share the same passion in technology.

We, at Vodca Labs are happy to say that Yes, "Risk Free Off-shoring" of Engineering R&D has been made possible by us. We can guarantee a partnership that will blur the lines between internal and external R&D facility and provide a true seamless extension of your own R&D.


“Vodca Labs provides Quintum with cost-efficient, round the clock R&D and System Test capabilities. As a result, it enables us to bring ever more sophisticated and leading edge products to our customers, in far less time than if we handled those services at our own facilities."

Cheng Chen
Founder & CEO
Quintum Technologies, a NET Company.
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